Reliable Auto Services in San Jose

Repair Work for Any Vehicle

At Reliable Auto, we have a variety of car repair services that will address the needs of any car that rolls onto our lot. Whether your car is old or new, finding excellent, reliable services are crucial for maintaining a healthy vehicle. Our team has over a decade of experienced as STAR certified and ASE certified technicians. You can rest assured we have the skills and knowledge to assist you.

We offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Check engine lightSeeing your check engine light come on once again can be frustrating! Sometimes the problem may be a simple, minor issue; however, the light may also indicate a serious problem. Bring your car into the shop quickly to ensure a more efficient diagnosis and solution.
  • Smog repairsSmog is a serious problem in California. Our smog testing and repairs are reliable, affordable, and will help to ensure your car does not sustain long-term damage. Do not underestimate the powerful negatives smog can have on your vehicle.
  • Scheduled servicePeriodic maintenance of your vehicle is the biggest thing that will ensure your car runs efficiently for many years to come. Although cost is greater upfront, the long-term benefits can be tremendous.
  • Brake serviceMaintaining strong, working brakes is absolutely essential, not only for the proper running of your car but also for your safety! If you suspect there is a problem with your brakes, no matter how seemingly minor, get your car checked immediately.

Do not wait to fix the problem until it gets worse! Instead, keep the final cost low by bringing your car to our San Jose auto repair shop. We will give you honest, reliable advice for how to get the most out of your precious vehicle. Call us at (408) 229-1010 to schedule an appointment!

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