Smog Repairs in San Jose

Auto Repair for Cleaner Air

At Reliable Auto, we understand the primary issues and concerns automobile owners face in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Because of the smog problem in Southern California, older vehicles must go through a vehicle inspection prior to registration and must continue to check their cars every two years, for as long as the car is registered in California. Our certified technicians can test your vehicle and offer solutions to resolve any issues.

The following methods of fuel necessitate that a car goes through a smog inspection:

  • Gasoline
  • Propane
  • Natural gas
  • Diesel
  • Methanol and ethanol fuels
  • Hybrid electric

If your car has failed the smog test, do not worry! When you bring in your car to our San Jose auto repair shop, we will assess all aspects of your vehicle to determine how to improve its condition. Common issues vary from improper exhaust levels to problems with the computer. For all smog repair issues, call us at (408) 229-1010.

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